New system - Is this balanced ok?

Im getting a new system custom built; this is my proposed spec:
2Gb DDR2-667 RAM
500W(peak) PSU
250Gb Harddrive (SATA2)

Thats pretty much top of my budget - I could probably shell out £50 more, otherwise if i added more expensive components id have to cutdown on some of the others. Anyone got any reccomendations?

Also will that mobo be able to change the FSB speed up to 333 so I got a 1:1 ratio with the RAM? If not what should I get (also is that a safe overclock for the E6600, ill be using the intel HSF)
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  1. Quote:
    First of all 1900GT???

    Do you mean 1900xt???

    There is such thing as an X1900GT you know.
  2. Its being custom built so theyll check the compatability of the RAM, ive used them before and they havent got it wrong yet.
  3. What's the price difference between the X1900GT and the X1900XT? The XT is the one to go for, or maybe wait a little longer for the X1950XT/X.
  4. the Gt is about £90 less than the XT, its not as good but i cant afford the XT
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