NEWEGG and its UNRELIABLE information, and the P5w dh deluxe

Hi, maby this info should be posted in another board, but it relates to one of the asus's motherboards the P5w dh deluxe, just wanted to inform some of You that waiting for tha availability of a product which has an eta on neweggs site is pointless, its beter to go to a competitor and get it somewhere else, the motherboard was supposed to be available yesterday (september 4th) at 2:25PM and since then (actualy for more than a week it was unavailable) there is no information when it will be available, they just changed the info to "out of stock" and actually they kept the eta time and date till yesterdays night, without changing it(but thats not my point anywy...guess no one cared updated it).....So i gues there is no point in paying more on neweggs site, and its beter to go to other vendors to get the mobo, for less.
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  1. You Newegg Junkie You.

    Don't fret. Many of us are under Newegg's spell. I personally am going to check myself into NA (Newegg Anonomous), TODAY! :D
  2. lol :wink: i used to buy quite a lot of things from them i like their packing :wink: lol but now i think ill just go with some one more reliable, any ideas? :wink: zip zoom overcharges, (so des newegg but a bit less lol), and i dont know any other stores that would be reliable, any suggestions?
  3. ajump will sell them for 232 bucks. But they don't order them until you buy. So it will take a couple of weeks for you to get your board. I think waiting a couple of weeks to save 50 bucks is worth it to me, especially since no one has them in stock anyway.
  4. Newegg is pretty much as cheap as it gets unless you get some nice rebates somewhere else... Newegg also has unbelievable Customer Service, I had a problem with a mobo and they got a new one out to me in 4 days.

    Give newegg a break, they're the best but sometimes there are some slips... i say forgive and forget. If you must... i occasionaly use Monarch (based in Atlanta woot). I also have Zipzoom and tigerdirect as bookmarks bt i have only bought from newegg and monarch.
  5. it's called Froogle ;)
  6. i gues thats what i will end up doing anyway, i actually needed the whole system to be set up almost 1 and a half weeks ago, (needed it for college work...thats why Im so...enraged ? yup pissed off lol :wink: ) I bought some things from ajump they are ok, just honestly now i would even pay the price what neregg wants and get a overnight shipping aded to it, if just some store would have it in stock.

    in regards to Buckiller's reply, hm...cant forgive here lol , besides theyr prices(used to be ok but now...) are quite high compared to others, i read some tigerdirect reviews, and i would prefare to stay away from them, if only zipzoomfly would lower their prices i wod get it from them(300 for a mobo is just ridiculus...20 more bucks and i could get myselfe a server motherboard lol) and in regards to newegg slips, they had wquite a bit, just in regards to stocking, about 2 weeks ago theyr suppose to have the mobo in stock i think on the 19th but it was on the 16th (not much of a con, thats good that they restock earlier), but that time i was on vacation(no pc)and i was so pissed off ...if i would have left that 2 hours later i would have it delivered a long time ago, would have the whole system up and running :cry: , btw i also had couple shipping issues with them, the 3 day shipping, or the 2 day ones, didnt come on time sometimes, and usually i had to wait pas teh weekend to get the shipping delivered to not only it was late but also i couldnt pick it up myselfe (over the weekend) and also i didnt get my shipping money back for a late delivery...should i go on? lol :wink:
  7. Since yesterday, Sept 4, was a holiday in the USA, there were no deliveries, and its doubtful there was anyone working to update the web site. Newegg is not a 24/7 company in all departments.
  8. ok lol good excuse, lol but atleast when i contacted them they should have atleast a "approximate" date when the product will be delivered. and not respond that itll we have no idea, "itll be here when itll get here " kind of a reply.
  9. Has it occurred to you that maybe they don't have a firm date from Asus?
    I think you may be finding fault with the wrong party.
  10. i doubt it, they already had an eta, which was for tommorow, they had it up for more than a week, so why not just take it doen, and give no date, if they dont know, ...they do it so people wait, and think ill wait that 3 or 4 days and get it from them, not someone else ....and the time passes, and nothing happens, and this will have a bad efect on newegg(my opinion)
  11. You sound like a broken record and born cynic. There's an easy solution to your problem. Cancel your order and buy from someone else.
  12. i can understand being pissed @ newegg, and i can see why your frustrated. i did my first build about 2 months ago and had no problem w/newegg. i would say stick with them for now unless you found a really great one stop shopping site. granted i found the case/power supply from anandtech, and the memory directly from the crucial site. but all things considered it's hard to find as decent a selection and as good customer service as you do at newegg. i mean i used to use pricewatch, but i got tired of having to research the vendors they forwarded you to. i mean not even tigerdirect has as good a selection. whatever. i say stick with'em.
  13. Quote:
    You sound like a broken record and born cynic. There's an easy solution to your problem. Cancel your order and buy from someone else.

    Bingo. OMG, there is a bit of wrong information on a website! Call the Internet Police! Write your Congressman!

    Lets see. How many items does newegg sell? About a gabillion. There are bound to be mistakes and there are bound to be issues. If you don't like them, go buy somewhere else. Problem solved.

    I just received the wrong backup tape drive because the description was wrong, or at best, vague. I'm not yelling to have someones liver on a stick. Stuff happens. Jeez.

    I don't buy exclusively from Newegg, but I've got to say they are about the best e-tailer I've ever used. And I say that after just receiving the wrong $3000 tape drive.
  14. Yeah, I had to wait awhile for Newegg to have a P5WDH in stock. I wound up ordering it at 4 AM, as soon as Newegg notified me by email. But I figured there would be an availability factor. After all, we're talkin' about one of the most popular boards out there currently.

    Bottom line... it was worth the wait.
  15. I see people mentioning ZipZoomFly and I have to say avoid them like the plague! They have absolutely NO customer svc, and I had to email them 3 days after a part I ordered had come off backorder to get them to ship it! At least when Newegg shows a part in stock, you will recieve it. And being impatient with the Egg cuz your preferred part didn't show up? Come on! How much stuff have they had in stock and delivered to you without problem? Newegg sets a very high standard in mailorder, that almost no other online retailer can match(including the company I work for!)!
  16. It is 3:31 pm East coast time and Newegg has them in stock right now i just got an email notification
  17. Lol...yeah ive only heard about zipZoom and tiger...never used them.

    In my experience eBay stores, newegg, and monarch are great e-tailers.
  18. And the point of this post?.......................sour grapes? Get over it. Get your dang mother board from where ever you want just stop doing silly posts.
  19. I've used ZZF a few times and never had a problem. Never had to return anything though, and the descriptions are a bit know your part numbers. They're cheaper than the egg on some things, usually cpus.
  20. no offence but learn to read, btw how can i cancel my order if i cant even place an order in neweggs, im definitively looking for other sites to get it from, it is quite pathetic how fast they went out of stock, i received the leter when i was by the pc, i linked directly to their site and it was out of stock, what kind of "service" is that? do they order 1 mobo? com on
  21. I dont really need to read anything contained in this article to give you this one piece of advice that you should apply to all your life:
    You can not trust one source of information. You need MULTIPLE sources to be confident in the information that you have obtained. Period.
  22. OK, knucklehead. If you didn't have it on order, why are you bitching about Newegg. You sound like a little spoiled child that didn't get his way, so now he's crying to his Mommy.

    Find another source and STFU.
  23. hm..u then stfu, idiot, If u cant even write without asaulting others? if not dont even reply.
  24. both of u stfu!
  25. im quitet :wink: lol
  26. Who are you? Some mommies baby?
  27. FU!

  28. With respect to all,

    newegg has nothing at all to do with how much inventory it has with regard to hot items. It's completely in their interest to get their grubby hands on as many as possible. If they can't get enough, it's due to the distributor, not newegg. Do you think they don't want to sell to you? Of course not.

    So, rather than getting upset at the situation, realize it's not about either you or newegg, but a hot market for the item and a hot vendor for your focus.

    FWIW, I hope you do get it soon.

    Best of luck!
  29. I admit that is true, but I wouldnt say that newegg has no say in how much they order(do they not?), or they could atleast "post" the number of units they will have in stock, as some other sites do so, then atleast the consumer will not have to wait, and will have some "choice" in regards to which vendor will offer the products "first".

    in regards to Jim428, "Who are you? Some mommies baby?" What kind of reply is that? Do you even know how pathetic that reply sounds? How old are You child?...never one cares anyway, you lack maners, and respect for others, and thats the way you should be treated, without respect.
  30. Quote:
    both of u stfu!

    And who are you? And what do you have to add to the discussion?
    What a bunch of childish morons! Don't you understand capitalism?
  31. Forgive the hyperbole. My point is that they can order a billion and will get the 50 the distributor offers, and by the time they put something like that back on sale it's right off again so the 'left in inventory' marker would not be of assistance to you anyhow...I'm sure they try their best, and really have no reason to do otherwise...I've personally seen how they've evolved their site and am quite impressed.

    Maybe you could suggest some of these alternatives to them rather than proclaiming them unreliable. It just seems unnecessary and overly emotional rather than productive and useful.

    Lead by example, my man!
  32. Jimw428,

    Funny sig. :)
  33. I ment Unreliable because of the fact that the mobo should have been delivered on a certain date and it was not, and honestly, lately almost every time i order from them there is some issue, ether their deliveries are late, or just the information they state (such as inthis case) is I would say quite unreliable.In my opinion if someonne(some company) states something to the public it should be "gold", and in this case, it is just a way to get consumers waiting, and that is the part that "pissed me off" the most, they give out a date, the consumer waits, does not buy from other sources(because one had previous historey with a company) and wait, and waits, others might have lower prices, but their orders are backordered, and then when the time comes that the product should be available, it is not, and then randomly it shows up another day, and as soon a customer(I) gets informed and tries to order the product(just couple seconds after the notification email was sent) the product is out of stock. Thats why I was so enraged, I dont know wheather that was teh issue of having just a very very limited amount of mobos or wheather there were actually none available, and the email was "just sent out", because i doubt that people managed to add to cart, and buy it in just couple seconds, not even a minute(even if someone types fast), and thats the whole issue.
  34. Well, I can only say regarding the timing issue that I've waited for stuff when it was to come in and as soon as I got the email jumped on it, so I can imagine many lonely fanboys doing the same, and therefore don't see it as unlikely.

    As to the timing and 'gold' issue, here's the way I see it: rather than just say out of stock, people probably requested restocking estimates be published, so newegg gave them whatever they had, which are the estimates from the distributor and/or the importer and/or the manufacturer. Now if any of those are wrong or inaccurate for any reason, newegg is wrong as well. Then someone who is disappointed comes along and takes personal offense to it and tells everyone they're unreliable.

    Maybe it would be better to say they are only as reliable as the earlier (and I would add in my two cents and say weaker) links in the chain.

    Again, just, like, my opinion, dude.
  35. Haha... All of ASUS is unreliable about their information. Its not Neweggs fault that Asus builds crappy overpriced items that they rush out to sell, only to come out with replacements a few months later that are better.

    Dont Blame NewEgg, Blame Asus...
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