Win7 pro 64 bit directx by default

hi ,

i just installed win7 pro 64bit and i saw in dxdiag the i have direct x11 .

is it true ?

i have already installed directxwebsetup 9 .

should i have conflicts? do i need to uninstall directx 9?

thanks in advance
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    Yes, Windows 7 comes with DX11 and you were right by using dxwebsetup to get DX9.0c installed. No problem with that at all.
  2. thanx a lot .... cheers!
    i ll revert soon for advice !
  3. Yeah,thats no problem,I'm have dx9,10,11 on my win 7 64-bit machine......
  4. Yep as timinator said you need this update =allows older games to run troublefree
    I needed it!
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