WinXP wont boot/reboots when cold?

Wow. This is the first time I have EVER joined/posted on a forum!! (bear with me...)
I have just built a computer, installed WinXP etc etc, everything was just dandy, nice and fast, all good for the first day... until I tried booting the next day after it had been off overnight.
During the 'loading Windows screen' (with the little progress bar thingy underneath) POOF!! Reboot!! (only during Windows load - POST/BIOS etc is always fine)
It will just keep doing this (although of course it will now go into the "Windows did not load properly Safemode\last known good config\Start normally" screen) until... well, the only thing that I can really see, is that it has had time to get a bit warmer (yes, I know I'm kind of grasping at straws...)
Once the system has booted properly once, it will be fine ever after... until it has been switched off long enough (hence my 'cold' guess)... at least an hour. Safe mode reboots as well.
Anyone know of any similar situations - or even better - solutions? I hate to ask, but it's a bit hard to test when you have to wait several hours between!!
All components are new and seem fine, only Win and drivers were loaded (so no viruses) (and flashed latest BIOS too - to try to fix it).

Asus P5VD2-MX (VIA chipset :( integ.VGA)
Intel E6400
512Mb RAM(533)

Extremely simple system (compared to my own I suppose) - adds to the frustration - nothing to take out!!

Hope to get a reply (because it's my first post!!)

REALLY hope for a SOLUTION!!

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  1. I think your heat theory is a good one. One way to test it is to press a button to enter the bios and then let the machine sit there until it warms up. At least it will tell you if it could be heat related.

    There's not much else to do to test. I assume you only have one stick of memory? If so, move it to another slot. If you have more than one stick, remove one of them and try them one at a time.

    How long does it take to warm up? Minutes or hours?
  2. It's not lack of heat. It could be a heat/temperature related failure. 2 different things.

    From his description off the top of my head I can't think of a single thing to suggest other than heat. It reboots until it warms up. Why would that be an OS problem? I can't think of a reason, though it could very well be.

    I can see it being a heat related problem though. Back in the day when smoking was allowed in labs, one method of troubleshooting problems was to take a cigarette and touch it to a suspected part. Conversely, you could spray it with freeze spray. Either method might reveal a temperature sensitive part [hot, or cold] that might otherwise be difficult to test, cause you'd have to put the part in a environmental chamber and cycle temp while holding the scope probes through an opening in the chamber. :?

    If it's an intermittant hardware problem, the best thing you can hope for is for it to just break completely, otherwise it can be a real PIA.
  3. I had similar issues earlier this year with a new Maxtor 200GB SATA II HDD it was in for extra storage not as a system drive but it still caused the pooter to reboot or hang after POST, 3 replacments later I got a good 'un there is no mention of the make of HDD but that would be high on my list of suspects, 2nd would be dodgy RAM, still dos'nt account for why it runs better warm than cold, surely it should be the other way round
  4. You can always turn off auto restart on system failure so that you can see what the error message is. If it doesn't BSOD it may actually report something useful in the event log.
  5. Yeah I seemed to get several out of bad batch said the young lass on the Maxtor helpdesk along with a couple mate's who also had 1 each, but they replaced them and everything seems ok so far with that drive, and I'm running 3x120 GB Maxtors 24/7 albeit ide's, I'll give them some of the benifit of the doubt as the saying goes I'm not going to do them to many favours though because I've also just had to RMA a 250 GB Diamondmax 10 SATA II :lol:
  6. Thanks all for your replies.
    Seems like you all think HDD would be suspect #1. After trying a re-install of windows (no change to problem) I put in a new (PATA) HDD - ironically, after 2 attempts at installing, I found out that the PATA HDD was stuffed!! :x (I'm several hours drive away from the nearest decent comp. store so it's hard to keep swapping components...)
    lol I'm actually thinking about the ciggie trick - or the 'Windows?!? I'll give you a second storey window in a minute' trick (doesn't fix it, but makes you feel better).

    Seems not to like <30deg C - wondering if I can somehow slow the fan and POST down enough to let it heat up quickly so the person I give it to won't even notice (until winter comes, and I have already left the country :twisted: )

    Grrrr... thanks again all... don't know why people bother trying to program AI... they already have a mind of thier own (albiet similar to that of a retarded rabbit)
  7. No, don't do the ciggie trick. That was done at the component level in an engineering lab, and I don't recomend you do it on your disk. In other words, don't try this at home. :wink:
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