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Alright, Ive pretty much decided against waiting for the NF590 boards for C2D. Even if they're released soon, they seem pretty steep in prices from what I gather. Plus I've read about their chips running really hot.

Ill be getting an Intel chipset mobo, but I still cant decide whether to go for a 965 chipset or a 975x one. Seems to me that the 975x boards are doing pretty well right now, whereas I've been reading alot of complaints about users' 965 boards. However, the 965 chipset is the newer one out there, and Im wondering whether Intel will iron out the problems the 965 boards are currently facing in a couple of months time.

Can anyone point me to a good mobo to purchase? Im quite interested in the P5WDH but its quite pricey, and I was wondering whether there were more affordable alternatives out there. I plan on using this system for the next 2 or 3 years, and Ill be overclocking.
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  1. The Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 is an awesome overclocker. The article posted here shows an overclock of up to 471Mhz on the FSB, and with the pencil mod described there as well to increase the NB voltage, the FSB was able to hit 535Mhz, which is apparently the ceiling for the Core 2 CPU's.
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