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I know this question has been asked countless times, but it's more a question of method that I am asking now.

My setup right now is an AMD cpu and motherboard.

I am upgrading to an intel cpu and motherboard.

I have one ssd (intel 330 240 gb) and one hard drive (caviar black 2 TB). I also have a 1 TB external hard drive (movies and stuff), I'm also using it for W8's time mach..err..file backup program.

On this hard drive is about a terabyte's worth of data, almost exclusively game programs + movies (entire steam program is on it).

The main drive has all my important documents + music + boot programs.

I am running a windows 8 pro upgrade, but have a vista OEM disc I can use to upgrade from.

I need to do a fresh install for the best results...but I've always bungled everything. What would be the best way to go about this without losing everything or having to reinstall everything on steam.

What would be the best procedure. Any help given would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. STOP POSTING SAME THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. -amd or intel processor really does not matter until you have specific problems you have to figure out.

    - you can move hidden directories on your boot drive to you HHD for storage
    then after you wipe and install the new OS on your SSD drive you can move the files back from your HHD and reinstall the steam client. When steam goes to sync it will see that your files are there and will just verify your installation without having to re-download them. (at least it worked for me last September)
    oh look at the OS utility robocopy.exe to do move the files (it will not truncate binary files with embedded ctrl Z characters in them.)
    - any program that makes registry entries will need to have those entries placed in the new OS. Some programs have a repair option to place the entries back in the registry some require that you run the program setup again.
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