Overclocking E6600, weird issues...your thoughts?

First of all i am on a p5w-dh, and am using bios 1101. I am current running at 9x400 fsb. Ram is set to 1:1. Timings are set to SPD. Everything that needs to be disabled is, including hyperpath 3, virtualization.

I am using a coolermaster watercooling kit, and my ram is 2x1gb of OCZ pc6400 rated at 4-5-4-15 @ a max of 2.2v. Powersupply is an OCZ modstream 540W with plenty of amprage on the 12v rail.

To prepare my motherboard i have removed the NB and SB heatsinks and changed the gunk to AS5, the water block for the cpu is also using AS5. And the NB fan that comes with the Mobo is installed.

Phew...now that you have all my information here is the issue. My Vcore right now is set at 1.55v, idle temp is 39 C and load temp maxes at 55 (taken from speed fan and asusprobe, coretemp is quite a bit higher as expected). The issue is that dual prime will run stable for a few hours and then i wont get an error, but the computer will just all out reboot on me. In fact i can boot and dual prime for a few hours at as low as 1.45v but it does the exact same thing. Do i need to give it yet more voltage to get it stable, it just seems very odd to me that i wouldnt get an error, i just all out reboot.

I also have some side questions. I had to set the ram timings to SPD to get the FSB to go above 350ish, computer wont even post with timings manually set. Why is this, if my ram is rated at pc800 at specific timings, shouldnt it be able to do those timings at the rated speed with the rated timings? Another question, my fsb enables ddr1000, which also runs well but at SPD timings. If i DO in fact have to keep the ram timings set to SPD should i go do the 4:5 divider and run the ram at 1000mhz or keep it 1:1 at SPD timings.

Also could it be my bios, what is the generally accepted best overclocking bios. Any and all help is greatly apprciated guys, thank u

P.S vMCH, vFSB and vICH are set to max vDimm is set to 2.2v, and mobo temps never budge from 43C
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  1. bump bump. HELPPP. um as an aside, about the whole...going with 1000mhz ram or 1:1 at 800mhz, i know i get more bandwith with the higher frequency, but the latency also goes up right? i'm trying to rationalize one or the other.

  2. My advice to you would be to drop your vcore and fsb down to more forgiving levels until you’re stable.
    Then play with your ram timings /voltages to get the best bandwidth using a good memory benchmark utility.
    Core2 is a little more oc restrictive than it predecessors.
    Even though there accounts of in the 4 GHz clocks you may be at your limits with your motherboard
    If you raise the Northbridge volts and the ram volts and tighten the timings you may get higher clocks.
    Or you may not (your motherboard temps are important also)

    No two systems clock the same. It takes more luck than experience sometimes.
    Good luck
  3. the thing is that i DO, have it running stable at about 1.5v, at 9x400mhz and my ram at 800 programmed to SPD. What i really want to know if its possible to institute the proper ram timings at this speed. otherwise i'm just gonna crank her up to 1000mhz at 4:5.

    is 1.5 v stable good for 24/7 use? it only hits high temps at load at about 50c when running a stress test, and it never hits that in real world use, highest it will go is it stops at about 43
  4. i actually DID read your entire guide wusy. I do know however that newer bios doesnt necessarily mean better, is the 1305 more OC friendly. And what do you mean by estimation of my ram?
  5. hmmm i see, well its running pretty stably right now at 9x400 @ 1.5350 vcore. Then i guess the dividers really screw me then, because the next one up from 800mhz is 1000mhz which it wont boot at lol.

    In that case then, is there any way of tightening my timings while maintaining the 1:1 ratio? the instant i disable the "configure by SPD" and set any timings, no matter how loose, i go from being dual prime stable to not even posting.

    thanks a lot for the help by the way wuss
  6. Yes please, i would appreciate those exact instructions. The wall still exists for me. As far as being at 9 x 400 and getting the ram to run at anything but SPD that is.

    Thanks again in advance, you've been very helpful
  7. i did flash to 1305. I've been playing around with memset, basically what i did was OC to 400 x 9, SPD, and ram at 1:1. Took a screeny of memset. But as per your other post in the link, you then booted at your rated timings while oc'd???? thats where you lost me, i wont even post if i try to use my own timings while oc'd. So what i did was i would boot at SPD and use memtest to change only the 4 settings.

    No dice, my computer restarts. You obviously have it figured out and i dont. So i await your response for noobs (which apparantly i am lol, thought i was... :( oh well)

    its 4:40 am here and i cant go to bed till i get this sorted out, thanks
  8. ahhhh sorry...reading comprehension for the lose. you are using clock gen to up the fsb after booting into windows and changing your settings.

    I'll give that a try now, one weird thing i notice though, pci-e bus according to clock gen is 133...!!!! i KNOW i locked it in bios to 100...come to think of it, when i was at 9 x 400 clockgen showed my pci-e bus at over 200....it seems that even though i locked it, increasing fsb is causing my pci-e bus to increase. Could this be the cause of some issues?
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