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Ok, this is probably an idiotic question. But I just bought an xps 8300 with a realtek sound card installed. But the spseaker system I have is Audigy Sound Blaster 2ZS. I'm trying to install my speakers, but I keep getting an error message that says my device is not found, and it's all hooked up properly. Do I need to uninstall the realtek program and then install my audigy speakers, or is that even possible. Again sorry if this is an idiotic quesiton.
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  1. no run it thru the current sound card!
  2. well, the problem is the sound. 2 of the speakers only send out white noise. the other two sound fine. I'm not sure how to correct this.
  3. yep, it's the front 2 speakers that don't work at all. only the center and rear ones are working.
  4. you could buy a multi channel sound card!
  5. okay, here's the weird thing. I went into the Realtek set-up and changed the setting form 5.1 to 7.1, which I don't understand, but will not question.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I think, in the end, I need a new speaker system with the new computer. These speakers still have white noise.
  6. Audigy2 ZS is a discrete soundcard.
    Disable onboard(Realtek/Azalia) in your bios
    and/or disable the drivers in device manager
    Download latest drivers for Audigy2
    Select Audigy2 as default playback device
    You can port the frontpanel audio to the card
    remove it from the mobo header
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