Mixed bag of article ideas

These are not my ideas.....I have a couple, but I am mostly quoting others throughout the forums that have voiced requests (and complaints) for some HARDWARE articles.

There has been a glut of a "mainstream" articles, but a distinct lack of in-depth "hardware" articles in the USA site. Perhaps THG should look at resource sharing?

In any event, here are some ideas for articles, I make no claims as to how interesting, relevant, or necessary they might be. I am simply the messenger here:

-Let's talk about why Intel/AMD would want to integrate processors and gfx

-Let's talk about all the innovation going on in the case-industry (BTX, all the miniITX stuff, etc)

-Let's talk about the PCIe cabling spec and what it could do to the industry

-Let's talk about hardware virtualization

-Let's talk about iAMT

-How about an article on how and why you should use VPC 2007 to set up a guest OS (e.g. Download trial software without polluting your computer, run P2P, etc). How about Virtual Server versus Virtual PC in that article? Ok, maybe that's not so much hardware, but I think the entusiast crowd would like it.

-What about firewire versus USB, and why FireWire is dying?

-How about a DIY NAS that runs Windows? The Linux one was good, but anyone who's used Linux knows it's not something you can jump into. I love a good DIY NAS. There are so many options. For example, you can get JUST an external enclosure (link) for around US$400, so you can use your existing computer with an eSATA connector to run a solid RAID 5 DAS. What about using 2.5" Drives (Such as Savvio) and miniITX for a DIY NAS; to keep the NAS light-weight and somewhat portable?

-What about using the NAS with MCE and hooking it to the XBOX 360? It's pretty easy, and you can rip your DVD's to your computer and stream them to your TV using the 360 as your front-end. You forego all of the nasty wiring, computer relocation, VidCard HD setup pains, and everything that comes with setting up an HTPC. You just use the 360 interface to stream your HD content from your NAS.

Another good NAS idea is to set it up wirelessly. I have mine in a locked closet. My data's safe AND secure (Until a virus wipes me out). What about hard-wiring the NAS versus wireless?

-How about good reasons to buy a miniITX motherboard, and do's and don'ts

-What about reviewing the Crazy-Cool on the DQ6, to see if it really does help at all by adding a HS to the bottom of the mobo. Maybe we should all be doing it?

-Here's a twitch-guru idea: how are the integrated/bundled wireless cards in the X360 and PS3? Do they add real latency to the connection? How do they perform under load and with encryption? Is it better to use an access point? Hard-wiring?

-What about more in-depth, follow-up articles to ones you've already done? Like Watercooling 201 as a follow-up to the intro done by Cleeve/Don? What about the ground-breaking tech developed by LucasArts and others, as a follow-up to the "Best Tech Moments in Movies" article......and how that HARDWARE shaped alot of what we see today? Toss out some specs and numbers, not just anecdotal.

We're HARDWARE freaks. Throw us a hardware bone. Give us specs, give us numbers, make us go ape$hit over that stuff......just like a gearhead does when you start talking horsepower, headers, and transmission ratios on exotic sports cars. How about more detailed info for those people that are enthusiasts, and not simply "mainstream"?

There ya go Rob, I hope some of those ideas gets those journalistic HARDWARE gears going for your staff and editorial visions ;)
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  1. I agree whole heartedly.

    Throw in a few articles about pin modding too. More nitty gritty.
  2. I love all of these ideas, and would also like to see some nitty gritty stuff about custom case modding etc. without getting too extreme (building an acryllic case and filling with cooking oil :P)

    Anyway, keep the awesome articles and vids coming guys, I'm a big fan.
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