Case and PS recommendation please.

Hi, I am going to be putting together a new system based on a Core2 E6600 with the intel badaxe board. I'm most likely going to go for 2gigs of DDR2 533 ram and a Radeon X1900XT card, and a raptor 150gig hd. Eventually I'll probably want to upgrade to 4gigs of ram at some point, I dont plan on overclocking at all. I just want something stable and reliable.

It seems the most difficult choices I face are the PS and case. For the PS I just want something that will run my rig and be as stable as possible. For the case I dont want anything fancy, just something relatively quiet but with good airflow.

I'm open to mid or full tower, although since I dont plan on more than 2hd, and 2optical drives ever, mid would probably be best.

As far as price, I'd be fine spending about 300 total for both, but obviously less is better.
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  1. Personelly, I like thermaltake cases. I think that something like the Armor Jr would fit the bill well. Obviously, that's if you like the look of it. You sould get a look at their models on their website. They have plenty of models and styles.

    Other good choices are :

    Antec P180
    Antec Sonota II. This one can come with a decent 450 w PS( this sould suffice for your rig but I might be wrong)
    Lian Li makes good cases as well.
    CoolerMaster makes the Centurion which is pretty popular.(comes in may flavor)

    As for PS :


    Just to name a few. PS is not a place where you want to cut corners. A crappy PS can cause problems taking the rest of your rig along with it. A safe bet it to go with brand name of good repute.
  2. Quote:
    To be on the safe side go with a 500w PSU. Although a 450w would do finer. You aslo want to look at the 12v rails and make sure they have between 18-20 amps.

    You'll need more than 18-20A on teh +12V for an X1900XT. Two +12V rails at 18A each would work. I'd recommend the Antec TPII-480.

    Cases are a personal preference; Lian-Li's are the best, but some people don't like how they look. Whatever you get, make sure that it's a good brand.
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