Fix my 7900GT OC problem, please!

I just built a system last week. I had XP Pro installed and was running F.E.A.R., but it wasn't running as smooth as I had hoped after spending $2000. I decided to try XP Pro x64, but it runs MUCH worse. It actually hangs to the point where I have to reboot. Do you think my graphics card is the bottleneck, or is it XP x64, or something else?

I have updated all drivers as much as I can think to.

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More about 7900gt problem please
  1. Go back to 32-bit Windows. It doesn't have the driver support needed to run games.

    A 7900GT would let me run FEAR pretty smoothly maxed out. Disabling softshadows helped a lot.

    Just out of curiosity, what resolution do you use for gaming? And what settings have you tried?
  2. Driver versions?
  3. Quote:
    Go back to 32-bit Windows. It doesn't have the driver support needed to run games.

    How odd... The 64-bit NVidia/Creative Drivers seem to work just fine in my x64 game system.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Could also be that the game isn't made to run under 64-bit. Doesn't necessarily have to be drivers. I don't trust it. You're safer to go with what is consented to work.

    Linux 64-bit is great, but I haven't seen good things with 64-bit Windows. The lab where I worked over the summer has only just started using 64-bit Windows on a few of its machines, and a lot of the security software and hardware don't function because of a lack of support.

    Congrats on your good fortune with 64-bit.
  5. The manual said it supports XP x64, so I don't know. I haven't given up yet!
  6. your ram is whats killing you. You have 2x512mb and thats not enough to run fear. I have a 3700+ 2X1gb Corsair and a EVGA 7900gt 1500/600 and FEAR runs kick ASS in MAX settings and Im runnig 1600x1200 resolution native!! Your GFX is not the problem, its your ram.
  7. Good posibility.

    I'll try freeing up some resources, stopping some processes, and that should help a little.
  8. Quote:
    Good posibility.

    I'll try freeing up some resources, stopping some processes, and that should help a little.

    8O I don't understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
  9. Not true, my bro has a 4000+ and a 1gb stick of OCZ and he can run fear quite nicely on his 7800GTX. From my understanding the 7900gt is a little better than the 7800GTX so it could be something else, maybe his settings are all out of whack?

    Edit: However, i do agree that he should up his ram to 2 x 1 GB. It's almost a must for the avid gamer these days. Especially when vista comes out.
  10. I wondered about the RAM...
    So, is 4x512Gb better/worse than 2x1Gb, if I do decide to add more memory?
  11. Hey Primus,
    Ram could be the source here. Now another guy said that HAD 1 gig and ran it well.... but.....his rig is NOT the same as yours..otherwise you would not be having the problem........I had 2 BFG 7800GTX OC 256 is SLI and I was having a hell of a time with FREEZE UPS in F E A R and COD2 until after a few phone convo's w tech at BFG we narrowed it down to a bad card.
    I rma'd them and at the time they were launching the 7900GT's. They ended up sending me 2 BRAND NEW 7900GT OC's right outa da box for my troubles and before they sent them to me they also offered to test them in bench marks and run games on a comparable rig on their end for the weekend before sending the cards to me. They work great !!!

    AS for your problem, I know you don't have SLI but I would suggest hauling the card out, get to a friend's place that has F E AR , slap your card in his rig, and try it out. If he ran FEAR with his card no probs, then gets flamed with your card in his rig....problem identified ....CAll BFG and RMA the card, their tech support is awsome

    . It's a bit of a piss off to mess around but it's better than having a rig and NOT BEING ABLE TO ROCK IT WITH FEAR 8O

    Good luck bro.
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    2 gigs Corsair 3500LL Pro @ 437Mhz 2-3-2-6-1T
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  12. Thanks for the input! I was messing with it again last night. Many of the objects and things are not rendered correctly in the intro. During gameplay, I can't even look around. Frustrating...

    Also, I installed Doom3 last night and it's not running as smoothly as it was on my Pentium 4 3 GHz with a 7800GT and 2 Gigs of RAM (It ran beautifully). That PC was almost two years old, so I thought this rig should be faster. It pauses whenever doors are getting ready to open or when enemies are getting ready to jump out at you...

    Don't you think my new rig "should" be able run Doom 3 just as well as my old rig?
  13. Hey Primus,
    DANN STRAIGHT IT SHOULD !!! :wink: There is DEFINITELY something going on. The intros you were mentioning, are they the intros that happen in F E A R? And if so, does your weapons have an....almost .... 1 second delay after firing?
    Like I said earlier, I had the same things going on with my set up before I troubleshooted that bad card...It was brand new as well 8O
    But like I said BFG tech supp are good guys to deal with. Now if you do decide to go with an RMA, the best way to solidify your chances for an rma, is to get a tech support call trail going. By that I mean call tech support and get their input for troubleshooting. If it takes 3, 4, or 5 times. Remember that for customer service they record convo's AND record customer troubles with the cards. So when it comes to getting your RMA, you will have a paper trail... so to speak. Also, make sure you get the first name of the tech helping you at that time. You can refer to previous calls and mention their name...remember they are people too and it shows a little respect.

    One last thing about tech support, if you call, call RRREEEEEAAALLL early in the am... you know.....when EVERYONE IN THE GAMING COMMUNITY IS ASLEEP :wink: like between 5 - 7 am. If you have to me dude.....don't bitch up to the guy about having to wait forever to get will get you NOWHERE :roll:

    If you have anymore questions or whatever send me a pm. Unfortunately I didn't solve your problem but at least now you know how to get the tech thing done.
  14. I'll have to give them a call.

    In response to your question, I haven't even played the game. It takes forever to get through the opening sequence and when I finally get to the game play, The response time is so bad that I can't even look around. Objects are rendered with bright colors. When I press Esc to exit, the text on the menu screen is rendered so horribly that I can't read it.
  15. Thanks for everyone's help. The card seems to have been bad. I couldn't get it to run right. 3DMark06 and Doom 3 started crashing. I replaced it with a XFX 7900 GT and I finally got to play FEAR. It looks great, too. Thanks again!

    By the way, I scored 5016 on 3DMark06. Is that respectable?

    Maybe I'll start a new post with that question...
  16. I've heard so many people reporting problems with their NVIDIA 7900 and so few with ATI x1900. I'm not here to promote ATI or bash NVIDIA, but it just "appears" to me that NVIDIA’s quality of workmanship is deteriorating in recent months. Could that really be true? Yes, NVIDIA had some problems with a certain batch of cards, but I'm still seeing people have problems with their top-end cards.
  17. Oh OK I was gonna say maybe its because you have an AMD and not a new Intel Conroe. (oooooohhh snap) :-)
    Anyjaways, I just prefer not buy an already OC'ed card...didn't we all see the big arcticles saying how they don't have a very good rep right now with failing cards? Just buy a standard clocked card (I bought a Leadtek) and OC it yourself. Way better safe than sorry if you ask me. I've only bought NVidia cards for I don't know how long and every single one always worked perfectly. Maybe I'm just lucky I dunno.
  18. When I first inquired about the problems with that card, someone mentioned that it could have been part of the bad batch. Who knows...
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