Need help rcovering data!!

I have a Seagate 300gb hard drive that I removed from my PC to put into an external enclosure. I think I may have corrupted the drive with a magnetic-tipped screw driver i was using. It wasn't around the drive for very long, but now when I open explorer, the drive is recognized, but windows says it's not formatted. I think the data is all still there. Is there a program recommended for recovering at least some of this data?
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  1. Chances are your magnetic screwdriver did absolutely NOTHING to your HDD. You'd need a much bigger magnet than that to wreck anything. (remember that inside the HDD are some huge rare earth magnets used for head positioning that don't effect the data in the least)

    Have you tried connecting the HD back to where it was originally?? This would be your first step.

    If you somehow did mess up your drive, I'd recommend Spinrite for recovering your data.
  2. "GetDataBack" is very good for recoving data. You can DL and purchase "GetDataBack" from Runtime Software at:
  3. Your data is fine, your PC is having a hard time recognizing the enclosure.

    I suggest using hardware manager to uninstall the drive, then re-add it with "add new hardware". Don't format it.
  4. here check this out,
    it might have the info that you need
    I lost all of my info on my 300Gb, because f***ing windows just HAD to choose to the SATA2 connection and format it while telling me that it was a 160Gb which i did have...f***ing windows
    i think that it just rewrote the MBT and created a new patition in RAW format, i just hope that i can recover the data....cosidering that it was full

    edit: thats MBR not MBT
  5. My data is indeed ok. I put it into the computer and it was recognized. I'm guessing that the enclosure doesn't support hard drives that big, or that it has gone bad. Thanks everyone for the help! I wouldn't have put it back into the computer without the suggestions. :)
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