New AMD system for OC

Just ordered components for new system. From what I've seen in various articles reviews, I'm hoping that it OCs relatively well - this will be my first attempt, so if anyone has advice I'd be grateful.

AMD AM2 X2 4200 - hoping to get near 2.8 - 2.9 on air
EPOX MF570SLI - supposed to be decent OCer
Kingston DDR2 667 (PC 5400) Ram - 2GB (4x512)
Saphire x1800GTO2
500w Thermaltake PSU
CoolerMaster case
Win XP

Not sure how much trust to put into the stock AMD HSF - I know they're good for stock speeds, but can they handle much OC? :?: What about the GPU stock cooler?

Thanks for any advice
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  1. Looks alright, and if you're lucky you should be able to get to 2.8 with that 4200+. I'm left wondering exactly why you bought an SLI capable motherboard, and an ATI video card though...
  2. ...and i would rather use 1GBx2 as opposed to 512MBx4, but i just don't know why (actually i can't remember why :wink: )
  3. The only place a 4 x 512MB configuration will hurt you, over a 2 x 1GB config, is in the benchmarks. There is minimal to no visible performance loss between the 2 in real world senarios (i.e. Games or Video editing.... etc).
  4. The SLI just kind of came along for the ride. I'm not planning on doing either x-fire or SLI, but I wanted the 570 chipset and the Epox board looked like the best in my price range <$150.

    I'm hoping that in a year or so once Vista and DX10 work out the inevitable bugs I'll be able to upgrade without a lot of hardware changes - other than the GPU.

    This machine is my first "toy" - I've got two others that the wife and kids have claimed, but this one is for me. I've always wanted to try OCing, and the board and X2 4200 are supposed to be pretty good for it.
  5. the stock cooler is supposed to be quite good perhaps 2.6-2.7 ghz maybe
  6. 2.6-2.7 is a little more realistic.
  7. I got everything ordered and it should be en route to the house now. Only problem is I'm stuck here in Iraq for one more week :cry:

    Oh well, can't wait to put it all together - hopefully it'll all work!

    You're probably right about the 2.6-2.7 I've seen a few articles saying they got to the 2.9 threshhold with after market air, makes me wonder what a water block would do, but that's probably not happening for awhile.

    I've been stuck over here for the past year reading about OCing and stuff and I have to remind myself to take little steps instead of jumping overboard, but man am I ready to go!
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