Need a Micro-ATX Motherboard recomondation.

I'm in the process of configuring a new gaming rig and have settled on an SFF case (Silverstone SG01-Evolution) coupled with a Core 2 Duo e6600. I am very new to this type of form factor. I've also only built AMD systems and am unfamiliar with Intel chipsets. I'm looking for a good micro atx mobo that has good onboard audio, atleast one 16x PCI-E and the abilty to have a Raid 0 or 1 setup.

I'll be popping in a nex generatioon card, most likely an ATI later next year. For now I'll be using one of my old 7800GTXs or a 1900XT (depends if I feel like dropping the $$$ now or waite).

I have yet to decide on a PSU due to the smaller size of the case, but I have been leaning toward a Silverstone ST50-EF Plus or an Enermax Liberty.

Oh! and a ram reccomondation would be great too...2 gig dual channel prefered (667 or 800) depending on the board I guess.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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  1. Are you looking at running this rig at stock or are you going to OC?
  2. Im largly debating getting the fragbox as I have wanted one even before I built my current computer over a year ago and it still hasnt changed. I want to go with the C2D E6600 but what motherboard to go with? Also looking for what memory to go with it. I definatly want 2gigs of memory and I DO NOT overclock. System will comprise of:

    Falcon Fragbox
    Raptor HD
    silverstone 600W PSU
    Audigy 2 gamer soundcard
    7950GX2 Vid card

    This is stricktly a gaming rig. Yes I know there is no intel SLI boards atm, I am not interested in doing SLI.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. The Fragbox is a mini like the SHuttle.

    The Silverstone 600 will not fit.

    If I were you, I would look at the Shuttle 37 series. Its the only mini that I know of that will do what you want.

    Shuttle XPC
  4. Actually the fragbox says it fits any regular sized ATX PCU. Also if you go to FalconNW you will see it comes with the silverstone 600w with shortened cables for an additional $210. HERE!

    So what MB and 2gigs of memory to get for someone not interested in any way of OCing.
  5. LPS,

    I most likely will not be OC'ing. I'm debating between a Shuttle and the Silverstone SG01 case/barebones. I just need a good Micro ATX mobo that has atleast 1 16x PCI-E, Raid 0/1, is compatable with a Core 2 Duo and has good on board audio. I've noticed most micro atx boards come with on board you know of any without?

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