Thinkpad R51 won`t start hard drive, it seems

Hi everyone,

I hope this post is in the right sub-forum.

My laptop is an about 2 year-old IBM Thinkpad R51 that had a few issues in the past which, though, didn`t bother me too much.

A few days ago then, while playing a Winamp video, it suddenly froze.
Since this has happened before, I didn`t give it too much consideration. Reboot and it was fine.

Yesterday while opening a pdf document, the same thing happened, but this time when I tried to restart it, the only things that happened were the fan starting up and a few LEDs flashing up.

If you listen really closely to where the hard drive is sitting, you can hear that something in there is spinning, but it just won`t "pick up" and boot.

After a few tries it worked until yesterday night, and this morning no reboot could awaken it at all.

I`m all out of wits by now and would be really glad if anybody could give me a heads up on how to get it back running.
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  1. Get yourself a free copy of the Ultimate Boot CD, run the manufacturers diagnostic utility on your hard drive.

    If it can't boot change the boot order in the CMOS setup, or if you can't change the order use the floppy version.

    If you can't enter the CMOS setup then you got more serious problems.
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