Asus Silent Square - anybody have any experience with it?

This is a massive HSF on the order of the Tuniq Tower.
The fan is inside the apparatus and it has 5 heatpipes. Cost is $49.99.

Its fins are bent to blow air onto the components in the case. I know the heatpipes do the majority of the work, but the weight 656grams and the max air pressure of 0.052 inch/h20 have me concerned a bit. It is ASUS so I am sure it is not junk. They said it was not a standard fan(SMALLER) I WANTED TO PUT A TRICOOL ANTEC IN THERE, BUT I GUESS NOT.

I have been looking at this, the Zalman CNPS9500 AT $49.99. EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT - A legend in its own time.

The fans on both of these seem a little weak at approx 35cfm

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  1. Wow that is big. Well everyone here is always talking about the Scythe Ninja which has now been discontinued. The Scythe Infinity appears to be it's successor. But if you're hesitant about the 656 grams of the ASUS Square then the 960 grams of the Scythe Infinity will downright shock you. Even everyone's old favorite, the Ninja was only 665 grams.

    Scythe Infinity

    I wonder how much weight the Core 2 Duo can actually handle? Isn't there a tolerance documented somewhere?
  2. sonofa... That's just dumb big. you'd have to hang that thing with steel cable XD

    I would never install anything that heavy, I'd never risk cracking my mobo just for that. And for that price you can get a miniature water cooling kit anyway..
  3. rofl, i still like the zalman for its engineering
  4. Seriously thought about the water thing but what about cooling the other components(VRM). The other questionis how much cooling is really needed for a moderate overclock of a C2D about 3Ghz. Do I even need another HSF. I will be using the ASUS P5wdg2-ws Pro in an Antec P180 case.

    In just looking there might not be enough clearance for a big HSF. The cpu is pretty close to the edge.
  5. Yep, a raid card and a matrox pci-x video card. I need to run 6 monitors as fast as possible.

    So you are telling me that I am wasting my time(and money) looking at all these exotic HSF offerings for the level of overclocking I want to do?

    This is a work machine that has no windows to view its components, will just need to run 24/6.
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