need help and advice

good day to all,
I like to build a new pc for video editing, i need help and advice if the parts are compatible and if it is good enough,
amd 64 x2 4800 socket am2, or intel core duo or xeon?
asus m2n32 ws or asus m2n32 sli deluxe? or asus a8r mvp?
ati radeon x1900 gt 256 or nvidea?
corsair 2gg
seagate sata 250gb
wat do u tink will be the best to build a good pc for editing thnx need advice and help
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  1. Either AM2 or C2D s fine with me IMO, but if it's just video editing, i honestly don't think you would need sli mobo, plus i would load as much ram as possible. Raid is anybody else care to correct me if i'm wrong/not entirely right :wink:
  2. and sir's i want a ati redeon on my video card will it match d nvidia enforce? mobos? will it work? or do u tink i just get a nvidia video card?
  3. well it is all depending on what you want tospend. nowadays intel seems to be blowing amd out of the water, although i still have feelings for amd. as for pure preformance i would go with the intel core 2 duo. the am2 socket is pretty much al show (it hasent shown me any great fortune). as for video i have had my radeon for quite a while and it has served well. i think that for video editing though a much faster card is neccesary. such as the 7950, due to it being "dual-core' it will allow you to render much faster, and jog through your film with crispness. i hope i could be of some help, someone correct me if im wrong.
  4. 7950 is basically 2 cards in SLI. The features are mostly for gaming.

    Video Editing wouldn't require topline gaming video card, so that would be ill-advised just for editing or waste of money.

    Getting a dual core system processor like the C2D would still benefit you. Even if the software isn't taking advantage of the other core, you could do other things while a movie is being processed.
  5. For Video Card I would get the X1900 All In Wonder for Video Editing which is
    made for as well as playing Games. Everything else is fine.
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