Onboard Raid Controllers.

One quick question I have Gigabyte GA-8N SLi Royal motherboard. It has an onboard raid controller. It has the Promise PDC20779 storage controller but currently I'm using the Nvidia Raid 0 configuration. Haven't use the promise controller yet for I have never heard of it I guess. I used the Nvidia Raid instead since it's an Nvidia chipset. So I'm wondering which one if there's any difference would provide a faster and or better raid 0 performance?

I know some of you will say to try it myself but I don't want to waste any time formating, installing os, installing programs etc and only to find out there's no difference. So what say you?
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  1. In some ways there is no difference. Commercial or business grade Raid support has many added features that only a few home users could ever want. Other wise the only opinionated advantage is that controller cards become portable in some ways, also have a low percentage of failure ( again personal opinion, but it seems to be supported).
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