A5B and 6400 voltage settings (having trouble w/ the guide)

In part 3, the guide has a number of voltage adjustments that are of the form +.xv from the default.

How do you figure out what the default is? I know how to look up the voltage on my RAM, but I don't know what the MCH, VFSB, or ICH defaults were.

Also, I couldn't figure out what the MCH was -- there doesn't seem to be a setting in the bios that was obviously that.

I set my core voltage to 1.4V as per the instructions, but it seems that my vCore actually is 1.35V (as reported by both the bios HW monitor and core temp).

I purchased OCZ Gold Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Unbuffered DDR2 667 (PC2 5400) Dual Channel Kit System Memory - OEM


which says it is 1.9V on the newegg site. Does this mean I should set my ram voltage to 2.2 to 2.3V (I'm OCing to 333mhz first as per the guide)

The timings for the RAM are supposed to be 4-4-4-12. There was two other settings that I wasn't sure what to do with. The guide said to leave them at defaults, but I don't know what the defaults are. The ASUS bios seems to just put them at the worst possible settings. I ended up leaving the SPD timings in place which according to CPU-Z is getting me: 4-4-4-11 timing.

Curiously enough, Cpu-Z is reporting that I have PC5300 (332.9mhz) RAM. I'm not sure why that isn't showing as PC5400... (a rounding error?)

It looks like in spite of these issues, I am @ 333... but I don't know if I am stable yet though. I'd still appreciate some advice as I'm hoping to push things farther.

My CPU temperature is 46C at idle. Is that high?
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  1. The temps doesn't seem high .. seems ok to me.

    But pretty much I am in the same boat as you.

    Hoepfully someone with a P5B can shed some light on this.

    The P5B and the guide don't seem to match up well.
  2. My system has been stable so far .. although temperatures are more like 48 at idle now. I'm thinking about pulling back the voltages back to defaults (at least as long as I am 333mhz). I'm still a happy camper :)
  3. The Stock Voltage is 1.325. 46 C is a little high for stock speed, mine runs at 35 C stock, and 55-60C overclocked to 3.4 Ghz @ 1.4375Volts... So 46 is ok depending on your overclock.

    On CPU Z you have to look at the multiplier... so if it says your ram is 333 and your multiplyer is 2, your ram is running 666. Because your at 333, im assuming x8 then your overclocked to around 2.67 ghz... so 46 aint to bad.

    The OCZ ram actually tends to run at slightly higher voltages, anything over 2.2v may cause significant problems, I have the PC 6400 Platinum XTC at 850mhz at 2.0 Volts running stable. Just make sure they are in an area of your case with airflow so they don't get too hot. The heat spreader only does so much with low air flow.

    I would try a 375 x 8, at 1.425 volts, bump your ram to 2.1-2.2 which should mean it will run around 750 mhz at a 2x multiplier... be careful, but after running for 10 min, open your case and touch a heat spreader with one hand. make sure you touch the side of the power supply first to negate any static. Make sure to close up your case after because it helps the airflow over the chips. Up your mch by +0.1.

    If it crashes, its probably because your ram can't take that much of an overclock try a 366 overclock with the same settings. Then youll be at x6800 teritory. Make sure to monitor your CPU temps, Intel recommends keeping the chips under 62 C, so if its more than that back it off a bit.
  4. Thanks -- I'll give this a try next time I'm ready to be ambitious. I appreciate the details/info!

  5. BTW they just updated the bios's for the p5b and p5b deluxe.

    I am running on my deluxe the 514 and no problems at all.. seems to have all my memory timings issues :)

    give it a try (back up your current bios first tho)..
  6. Wow... I thought 507 only came out recently. Thanks for the heads up.
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