Computer randomly reboots itself

At random times, my computer reboots itself as I am closing a game or even just deleting my internet files. I've tested different softwares for an error and many times, its something different. I turned off the automatic reset option and here is the detailed folder of where it came from.

My Specs are
AMD 64 3800+
2 GB Corsair XMS
Codegen 350 W PSU
Nvidia 6600 gt 128 mb agp

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.
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  1. Did you just build the system? Sometimes cables get loose and that can cause all kinds of crazy problems, be careful of course. I'm not a guru with this stuff, just offering what I would do.
  2. I've experienced this kind of thing before and it turned out to be the PSU. What is your PSU rated at? Perhaps see if you can borrow a friend's PSU.
  3. Try running some RAM scans with Memtest86+. See what turns up.....
  4. My psu is most likely the problem, but I wanted to see if there was anything else that could have possibly created it. Thanks for the help, I'm gonna test out my dad's and see if it fixes it
  5. Same problem. PSU=Issue

  6. Well I just bought a Antec True power 2.0 550 psu and i still keep getting the same error. This is really starting to make me angry :\. Anything else I can do/check?

    Edit: This is also my mobo* ASUS A8V Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD
  7. I was just suggesting the PSU, but it might not've been it. Getting the PSU, though, was an overall good idea. You don't want a 350W PSU from almost any maker inside any non-Dell PC. Most of the time, few exceptions.

    To completely erase the thought of a PSU issue, you should check the rails. Go into your BIOS --> Power Management/System Health --> Write down the numbers next to 3.3+V+, 5+V, and most importantly 12V+. Some will argue that the BIOS is not accurate enough, but I say: Screw you. lol, jk, but I have found the BIOS very accurate for all my tests. If you would like, you could buy/borrow a voltage multi-meter and test your voltages that way. Of course, it is probably the best way, but the BIOS is just as good, IMHO.

    While your in your BIOS, go ahead and check the CPU temp.

    Well, the location of the dump file isn't going to help unless we know what it said. Do this. Wait for it to restart. Write down the alphanumeric string near the bottom. The words at the top are also useful.

    Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Event viewer. Go under System on the left pane. Look for an error that matches the time of the restart. Double click and copy what it says inside the pop-up box.

    In your original you say "...and many times, its [error] somthing different..." Do you mean a different error every time it restarts? If so, it may not be software.

    As previously prescribed, run MemTest for a full night. Alternately, try running with one memory stick at a time.

    Good luck!

  8. I read your mind :P. Yesterday I removed a stick and it turns out that one of my sticks was faulty. I'm rmaing it tommorow. Thanks for the help
  9. Ah, OK. Good luck!

  10. OK you solved your problem good.Now i have totaly the same problem and also anotherone simular. The first one is totaly the same one as u had i will use memtest to check if it is some of the memori modules. The second one is that verry often after the random restarts the pc works all fine but i got no picture on the monitor.No mater what i do i have no picture even after manualy restarting or even puling the cable out but i manage to solve this problem by geting out the video card from the agp slot and puting it again and then i got picture and after a whille all the same things again and again.........
    And sometimes dosnt turns on it gots stuck at the loading screen when it shows you the CPU.
    I have old agp system too with p4 and ati radeon x1600 pro on mobo abit IS7-E. And i am syspecting that my whole system is causing this problem the CPU the mobo the 300w psu the ram or even the agp slot just dont think its the gpu.Also my 2 friends have totaly the same problem about the pc working and not geting a picture they both have old systems too. If anyone can help i would realy appreciate that.
  11. Hm...

    300W might be enough, but you are pushing it. What are the specs of the computer? Specs of the PSU?

    A new topic may be in order.

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