Overclocking E6600 stock cooling

Recommended cooling:
-Scythe Infinity
-Scythe Ninja Plus
-Scythe Mine
-Tuniq Tower 120
-Thermalright Ultra-120 or SI-120
-Noctua NH-U12
-Thermaltake Big Typhoon
-Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro
-Zalman CNPS CNPS9500AT
-Zalman CNPS 7700AlCu or 7700Cu
(The first 7 heatsinks listed here will allow you to go over 3.4Ghz stable)

can wuzy's guide to overclocking be achieved to a certaine degree with
stock cooling? and if so what should I slow down on ?
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  1. The thing, Shinoda, about overclocking is that is a very imprecise science. So many variables, so many different factors...voltage, heat, ram choice, chispet choice, psu choice and yes...cooler choice. Is it possible to reach what that guide says with stock cooling? Yes. Is it possible that you may not? Yes. Is it possible that even if you get the exact parts and follow the exact instructions listed that you still will get hitched up somewhere? Oh yes.

    My point is that while it is possible, proper cooling increases the chances of a successful and safe overclock. (and my safe i mean stable and with temperatures being reasonable). Proper cooling cuts down on the chances that you will run into problems. Its kinda like poker (hope you play), when you are trying to read some1 you have no way of knowing their exact hand. Instead you put them on a range of possible hands based on their actions. Its a very guessy science but there are things you can do to narrow it down.

    My long winded post basically is saying, (i guess i could have said this in one line instead of eleventy billion lol) yes it will work. But your results will not be great, heat will be an issue. And inveritably your overclock WILL be limited because of the vcore (and thus heat) necessary to break certain boundaries. For a marginal overclock its ok, then again what kind of performance increase are you getting with a marginal overclock. Its kinda all or nothing (or semi-all or nothing)

    btw i'm currently sitting at 9 x 410, or 3.7ghz @ about 1.5375 vcore. 41c idle, 55c under 100% load (on both cores, which in real world usage never happens, max temps in real world usage never go above 47c)

    God i'm being long winded again, GET THE BETTER COOLING IF YOU WISH TO OC.

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