Win7 SSD and SATA boot issue

Hello everyone, I have been researching this and so far cannot find an answer.

I recently bought a new rig: OCZ SSD, ASUS sabertooth p67 mobo, intel i5 processor, and 2 120 gb sata drives.

The problem is that I cannot get the PC to boot to SSD if the satas are plugged in. I have tried installing to the SSD without the SATAs plugged in, and then plugging in the SATAa after everything worked. When I did this the PC wouldn't boot (Just a blank screen: though the SSD still appeared as a boot option in BIOS). I tried changing the SATA ports to raid, AHCI, and IDE and that still didn't help.

Then I tried installing the OS with all drives plugged in. The SSD was in AHCI mode and the 2 SATAs were in raid mode. Everything installed fine, but the system gives me a 0xc000000d error and fails to boot (did not get this error in the above setup).

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. have you got a b3 revision mobo?
  2. Yes I do
  3. have you checked memory? ie done a memtest, checked one stick at a time etc?
  4. This has been resolved by me. The correct solution was to disable the other drives from the boot menu so that BIOS couldn't select them.
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