reference memory at "0Xffffffff", The memory could not be ..

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recently each time I restart windows,
I got a message before login :
The instruction at :0X0023fedc"
reference memory at "0Xffffffff", The memory could not be read

click on OK to terminate the program.
click on CANCEL to debug the program

No matter I click CANCEL or OK, the message window is gone and
the login window be activate window. No debug program show up after I login.

I run Check Disk for both
Automatically fix file system error
Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
but not help

Anyone know how to fix it

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  1. Need to know what's crashing. at the point that the error window comes up, go into the task manager and see if you can figure out what's crashing, then post again.
  2. At the top of the error message it should indicate a file which is causing the problem. You can search Windows for that file and reinstall the application.
    You could also test your memory for errors using Memtest86+ v.1.65, which is different from Memtest and Memtest86.
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