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Hey I'm new too this whole computer thing and was wondering about Windows 7 computer rating. I have 2 xfs HD 5770 gpu crossfired and yet my ranking is still 6.9. My friend bought a 5870 and got a 7.9 but I've read reviews that crossfired 5770 out beats the hd 5870. So to finish this long question off, why is that my rating is 6.9 and his is 7.9? Do windows 7 rate only one card? any tips or anything is welcome. BTW this is a new system just built on 11-14-09

GPU- 2 XFS HD 5770 Crossfired
MOBO- MSI 790fx
RAM- 8gb ozi platinum
HDD- WD Black 1tb
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  1. In some benchmarks a single superior more powerful VC will out perform two inferior or lesser cards. Apparently with the benchmark Windows 7 is applying this is true. Try some other software comparisons. 3Dmark6 is one.
  2. Indeed. I wouldn't go by the the WEI. I have a single 4850 and I am getting a 7.3. One would assume that the 5770 is a superior card, much less two of them. There are tons of benchmarks suites out there to really gauge your PC's potential performance.
  3. This exactly what I thought, Aero related.

    This score is intended to reflect how a system will run Aero (desktop composition) and playback Windows Media Video. It measures video memory bandwidth (in mega bytes per second) and converts it to a score between 1.0 and 5.9.

    Have to scroll down a ways.

    If the graphics hardware does not support DirectX 9 (DX9) graphics, then the system receives a graphics score of 1.0 regardless of driver type. If the system supports DX9, but does not have a WDDM Driver (Windows Vista Display Driver Model) the system will then receive a graphics score of 1.9 at the most
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