Airflow For Sonata II Case?

As of right now I have the standard rear TriCool case fan with my Sonata II Case. And I have a Zalman 9500 for my HSF on my CPU.

My question is for the other front 120mm fan for the Sonata II, is which direction should it be going. Should the air be going towards the rear of the case, or towards the harddrives?

I'll probably be getting another case fan for the front, also if you could gimme any suggestions for any case fans, inless I should just buy another Antec TriCool fan..

Thanks for any help much appreciated. Thanks Storm
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  1. Except for the Sonata II case its not taking air from the outside, its behind hd bays, so it would mainly be pushing air from the front to the back exhaust fan which is also probably good, but should it be doing that or going toward the harddrives.

    Here is a picture of the inside of the Sonata II case

    The fan location in this picture would be to the left of the harddrives bays.

    So my question is should it be pushing air from the frontish of the case to the back, or toward the harddrives.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. It should be blowing to the back, all you're doing if you make it blow towards the HDDs is blow all that hot air from the video card to the HDDs. From experience I say the front fan is essential when using 2 or more HDDs, otherwise it gets too toasty in there.
  3. I use a sonata case. Its the earlier one without the cpu duct otherwise the same as the Sonata II.

    The 120mm fan on the hard drive cage should draw air from the front of the case, through the filter over the hard drives and out the fan to inside the case which is then drawn out of by the rear fan. I do believe it also provides air to the graphics card as well.
  4. Like "lost", I also have the earlier Sonata Case. The previous posters are correct, the fan blows towards the back (sucking fresh air from the front and across your HDDs).

    As for buying another Antec Tricool fan, the Antec fan that came with my case lasted less than a year before it started squealing and losing speed. (I don't remember if it was a Tricool or some other model of fan, but it was Antec made)

    Here's a good thread with some fan suggestions.

    Personally, I now use a 120mm industrial AC fan I salvaged from work. All metal (quite heavy), very quiet, tonnes of air flow ... I wish I had salvaged more than one! :(
  5. @Lost and All

    From what you explained you would need it at the very front of the case, now im not sure how the original Sonata case is, but here is where the Sonata II front case fan is. ** The red is probably where the front case fan should be, and the all black is where it is in the Sonata II case.. I think anyway

    So its not blowing over the hd's at all, im pretty sure this is correct..

    Any comments and help would be very appreciated.
  6. The earlier Sonata is the same as the Sonata II for the front fan placement.

    The front fan placement of the Sonata's is drawing the air through the front filter, which then flows across the hard drive into the fan inlet side and out through the fan outlet side into the rest of the case.

    It works the same as having it at the very front of the hard drive cage pushing the air flow across the drives from the fan outlet side.

    Using Speedfan to monitor the hard drive temp you can see drive temp rise when you turn the front fan off.

    I use a 120mm Vantec Stealth for the front fan, 53CFM and quiet.
  7. Quote:
    So its not blowing over the hd's at all, im pretty sure this is correct..

    Any comments and help would be very appreciated.

    You are correct, it is NOT blowing air across the HDDs, it is pulling air across the HDDs. Whether a fan is pushing air (blowing) or pulling air (sucking :lol: ) doesn't make much difference as long as the air is moving in the correct direction. Air is still being moved.

    Mount your fan where you had indicated with all black on your picture because that's where it it supposed to mount. (that's also where the mounting holes are) Make sure it is blowing towards the rear of the case.

    Yes, it's a little different that what you might have seen/done in the past, but IT WORKS!

    Trust lost. Trust The_Gremlin. We've done this before.
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