pentium d 930 over 3.3 ghz on intel mobo

Basically i have a pentium d 930 oc'ed to 3.3 ghz through the bios right now the thing is i have an intel 955xbk adn it only lets me oc' 10%.
and since the new bios update it doesnt even give me the option of raising fsb anymore so i wonder how i can get the fsb up more w/o using software like clockgen.
thanks for any help
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  1. mostly i dont want to use clockgen because i dont know how to change the oc if it fails for some reason, because everytime i reboot my computer i would log in to my name( if it gets that far, and when i would open clockgen my computer would reboot. basicaly i like being able to just reset my jumpers if i have any problems. if anyone knows of a way to disable clockgen when i login then that would help.
  2. thank you wusy, ill try to use clockgen and see how high i can get the cpu up to and be stable.
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