HT no longer working.....any tips?

My P4 HT is no longer working. It is enabled in the BIOS but i only see one graph using Task Manager. I'v read that if this happens ill have to reinstall......i really dont want to do that. So if anyone has usefull tips i would appreciate them. I should also mention that it worked when my pc was fresh out of the box, but then i had to use my handy dandy recovery cds ( i wasnt given an actual WIN XP cd) since HT hasnt been working.

More info available upon request

(If you noticed i did post this in another section, i wasnt sure where this would
fall under. I dont mean to spammm, so sorry)
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  1. Found this:
    Butuz09-09-2004, 08:27 AM
    I believe it is only the driver that is the problem, you have a single processor driver installed for some reason (you installed XP with hyperthreading disabled in the bios?), if you update that driver to a multiprocessor driver your other processor should appear after a restart.

    To do this go to the "driver" tab in your screnshot above, click on the "update driver" button, select the "install from a list of specific location (advanced)" option and click next, select the "don't search i will choose a driver to install" option and click next then chose the "MPS Multiprocessor PC" driver and click next, follow it through, restart your PC and with any luck your hyperthreaded CPU will pop up in task manager.

    You *may* also need to go back into the "System Properties" tab and then go to the "Advanced" tab, click on the "environment variables" button at the bottom, and in the "system variables" menu set the field "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS" from 1 to 2. You'll have to restart again. It should do this automatically, but it may not.

    Give it a go. if it works, and i believe it should, then it will save you a reinstall. If it doesnt work, then have your XP CD at the ready ;)

    If that doesn't work, try reinstalling (I know it's a pain with recovery CDs). Make sure HT is Enabled in the BIOS before you reinstall.
  2. Well i was looking through my device manager and found under the Processors---- there were two P4 3GHz cpu's showing.......but Task manager doesnt show two cpu' what does this mean? Anyone care to shed some
    light on my situation.

  3. In Task Manager, Under View/CPU History is the One Graph per CPU checked?
  4. Well it is checked one "one cpu" but i dont have the option to change it....its greyed know what i mean.

    btw, thankyou for ur help
  5. go into device manager, and make sure acpi mutli processer is up, not uniprocesser.
  6. In Device Manager, when you bring up the properties on your CPUs - do they both list on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System for the location?
  7. ummm.....i dont know where that option is.. :oops:

    bare with me please...

  8. sorry i didnt read that 2nd post before I posted that last one.
  9. Yes they are MS ACPI-Compliant System
  10. I don't know why HT is present in Device Manager, but not in Task Manager.

    You could try disabling HT in your BIOS, then boot into Windows.
    Shut down, then re-enable HT in your BIOS and booot into Windows again.

    Maybe Windows didn't load it right the first time. This will force it to do it again.
  11. Well i actaully tried that before....and it didnt work.

    I feel kinda bad , because i keep shooting down your advise. :D

    Seems like im gonna have to reinstall.....someday
  12. why do you want ht so bad? its not that great and in some instances it hurts proformance, i don't rember where i saw it tho :(
  13. Well i paid for it and also i like to have multiple apps open at once, which is what its designed for.
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