How do I post images in my posts?

I read the FAQ re: uploading images. The FAQ states that images cannot be uploaded directly - we have to link the image to another site, eg: Flickr. Somehow, some users can post images directly in their posts. How do I do this?
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  1. It has to have an extention in the link to work. (*.jpg, *.gif, etc.)

    I can't remember which formats work though. Try searching. I read it here somewhere...
  2. Here is the format you need. always make sure the .gif or .jpg is in the link.
    Below take the space out of the first[/img:64d967f657]

    you can also click on "quote" on my post and see the format...
  3. Make sure the url has no special characters in it - like your lower post. Links/images don't work with them. If the link requires them, use to get a valid one.

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