A real Conundrum

This isnt really a conundrum but i was hoping to draw some eyes to my post.
<sorry for lying>

Well a friend gave me a wireless card, i dont know anything about (it does work according to him) i thought it could find all the needed drivers on its own.....i was wrong. It seems like the computer doesnt even see the wi fi card, its not shown on device manager...as far as i can see.
So anyone have some advice??


ps. He cant find the cd rom that came with it. The cd rom obviously had the drivers on it.

Am i stuck with a garbage peice of silicon/metal....
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  1. When you first plugged it in did the little bubble pop up and say, windows has found a new device? Check to make sure that you have it installed properly as well, sometimes that is the problem.
  2. Im pretty sure that i didnt even get the bubble. So you think i installed the hardware wrong?
  3. Re-seat it and see if it works, if not it might be faulty...
    How old is your motherboard? Maybe the card only supports PCI v2.0 and your motherboard only PCI v1.1...
  4. Well my computer is relatively new , about 2years.(well not THAT new)

    I dont know where to find what version is supported though.
  5. Well i finally got the New Hardware bubble. I just took out the modem adapter and used that pci slot.

    But it cant automatically find the needed drivers....sooo does anyone know a
    way of finding the drivers needed. I dont know the make or model.

    Any help would be appreciated
  6. most wifi cards (at least Lynksis & DLink) require that the drivers be installed BEFORE the card is installed. Found this out after about 4 or 5 attempts with a couple of different before I humbly read the directions (Jeez, what a concept). Need to determine the make and model, download the drivers, then install the card. There may be a couple of added complications if the card and/or your access point
    does not auto configure which will require you to do a manual config - again the directions are on almost every manufacturer's website (Guess how I know). Also, most of the "g" drivers will result in a popup during installation that says they are not windows certified. It does not matter, hit "continue" or "continue anyway" Good luck
  7. what windows do u have,

    is PNP enabled?

    go to device manager and "scan for hardware changes" (computer icon with a magnifying glass)
  8. oh and check the bios see if the bios detects it

    Is it PCI interface? how old is the card

    what is the manufacture of the card, it should say something on the plain card! Take a picture, a good of cource
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