My 2nd Hard Drive isnt in My computer (Windows XP)

My conroe is up and running. My goodness I love it. It's sexy lol. Im in the dark on one thing to make it totally complete. I have 2 hard drives (SATAII). I set up a partition in one of them (SATAII-0) and loaded windows and all my drivers on it. When I went into My computer, my dvd drive, floppy and hard drive where there. My other hard drive wasnt. How can I get windows to recognize the 2nd hard drive. When my computer starts up, the screen where i can press delete for cmos, it does show 2 hard drives.
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  1. The other hard drive needs to be partitioned before you will see it in My Computer. You can partition it by going to Start, Run, type in diskmgmt.msc. Your other hard drive will appear in the window that comes up. Partition however you want.... format as NTFS and you should be set.
  2. will it label the one that has my o/s and drivers on it. I dont want to accidently partition the hard drive that is already partitioned.
  3. Yu will know which hdd is your O/S hdd because it will be labeled as C. Also if you look at the OS drive, let's say its a 160 gig, you will also see additional info n the drive, like how much space is available on it. If the drive tells you that there is 150 gigs (or a number that CLEARLY shows LESS than 160 gigs) then you know THAT ONE is your OS drive. Because the one that is EMPTY will have number that is very close to if not exactly 160 gigs of space available.

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  4. Thanx :-) My computer, now shows the second hard drive.
  5. Thanx for the tip. I was able to partition and its on my computer now. Went thru my computer and it listed all the drives and it labeled the HDD that has my drivers on it with o/s. Thank goodness I only have to do that once, 1 hr 30min for partition lol.
  6. ya thats the downside to getting large hdd :P

    Glad it worked out for ya. One good thing about doing that kind of stuff is when you have to do it again, you gain more confidance in what you have to do and it won't take as long either.

    Cheers bro :D
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