Overclocking Help please.


I have never overclocked before but im interested in learing how. I intend to get a core 2 duo system in november birthday time :) so I would like to learn to overclock on my current system first. My current system is as follows:

Mobo: Asus a7n8x Deluxe
Cpu: Athlon Xp 2600+
Memory: 512Mb Samsung DDR400 3200 one stick
Graphics: Radeon 9800 Pro

I'm just after any advice of where to begin?, how much I can overclock to?, what settings are tried and tested with this setup ?.

I have really enjoyed reading these forums and thanks in advance for any help.


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  1. Hi thanks for the link. I have managed to get my cpu to 2.21Ghz its going strong at that speed and im sure it could go further but that will do for now. I left the multiplier at 12.5x which is what it was by default and upped the fsb by 4 each time until I reached the speed of the 3200+ well close too (2212.5). I have a couple more question though and would be greatful for any advice.

    1- When I load cpu-z in the memory tab it tells me my timings which I then copied into my bios but I then noticed that there are more timings in the spd section. Should I use the spd or the timings from the memory tab in cpu-z??? The memory tab ones say 7-3-3 and the spd ones are 8-3-3. Any ideas ??

    2- My cpu temp is getting up to about 57-59 C is that ok ? Im using a thermaltake volcano heatsink and fan its only set on medium but it still sounds like a hoover. On high it sounds like a jet engine. Will the system be stable enough at those temps ?

    3- In the memory section of my bios i can set it to auto, spd or 10%, 50%, 200% etc its currently on spd should I leave it like this or change it ?

    3- and finally my memory is linked to the fsb of the cpu i.e as i increase the fsb of the cpu the memory frequency is increased. Is this normal ? Curently the memory is at a frequency of 212 is this ok because its only samsund ddr400 3200 ram ?

    Thanks a lot Matt
  2. Not trying be mean.... But make sure you read the stickies here. They will help immensely! Overclocking take a lot of research. That's probably about 80% of the time I put into any overclock. Learn the basics if you want to push your rig to it's potential.

    If you you jump in head first without studying everything... You might possibly earn a lesson about overclocking in the hardest way. You don't want to burn up any components, we don't want to see you burn up any components! Read as much as you possibly can about overclocking. This the best advise I could ever give anyone. Hell! I learn things all the time from others because I research and get other people's input.

    Not trying to flame. But before you OC... Learn everything you can before you attempt it. After you get some knowledge... Go slow and build your OC up. Stabilty is everything. Don't be afraid to ask questions. That's why this forum exist. Learn the basics. And see what you can do with it. And remember... Have fun with it! It is time consuming and takes patience. But when you get a great OC... That's an awesome feeling! Good luck to ya. Hit us up when ya get stuck or you have a great OC to share!
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