Overclock E6600 and the stability(need advices)

Hi all
I'll buy ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe and E6600 soon.
I'm planning to overclock the cpu a bit(with it's own fan).
I read that when OCing it to 3.6 ghz i won't have a stable system.So, which speed(less then 3.6 ghz) will be completely stable?

(Do i have to buy a better fan for OCing, i don't want that beacuse if i change the fan that comes with the cpu there will be no more guaranty.)
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  1. as long as you can keep it cool, and supply the correct voltages, there is virtually no limit. Your motherboard has to scale with the proc too. (MCH, Memory, etc)

    For example, my E6600 running on bad axe is @ 3.6ghz, stable. [ddr2 800]
    Some have gotten the 6600 between 4.5-5ghz stable. Also, there is no universal limit to overclocking a processor. All of them are not identical, nor are the systems of those who overclock.

    The stable limit that you attain is related to all of these factors.

    Id get another fan though, definitely. Im guessing you were informed that 3.6ghz was the stable limit for the stock fan, due to thermal limits.
  2. I run my E6600 at 3GHz with DDR2-677 just fine. I'm sure it could go faster, but its plenty quick at 3GHz, and it stable.
  3. Who the hell got their E6600 to 4.5-5.0 ghz stable. Post links, cuz I believe thats B.S. The most I've seen is ~4 stable, anything higher than that is unstable.


    Anyways, you don't need to buy a better fan, but don't expect yourself to OC anywhere near what everyone else does. Me... I'm going TEC...
  4. I'll buy Kingston HyperX DDR2 6000 C4,because i won't OC the cpu to 3,6, so i don't need 6400.But 3.0 may not be enough.Is it possible to get it work at a speed between 3.0 and 3.6 ghz?
  5. Any idea? :cry:
  6. Quote:
    Any idea? :cry:

    Yes. Try it at 3.0GHz and see if its enough.
  7. Quote:
    Any idea? :cry:

    Yes. Try it at 3.0GHz and see if its enough.

    may be :)
  8. Hello,
    I overclocked my E6600 and tested. Seems to be stable.
    In few days I will try to increase more the speed.
  9. You've gone and made wusy mad! You FOOL! :o
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