i use plexsucom acc200 router to online...
and i want to turn off NAT or port forwarding? in order to be able to create game in WARCRAFT3 or receive file from ppl on icq ....

this is wat show's on my router setting thinging
when typing on explorer..

Virtual Server
Bridge Filtering
User Password
Save Settings
Admin Privilege
Route Table
Learned MAC Table
ADSL Configuration
RIP Configuration
Admin Password
Misc Configuration
Reset to Factory Default
Diagnostic Test
Code Image Update
System Log

can someone teach me how to do that?

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  1. well i have a nat router and have had no problems with getting wc3 working through it, have you actually tried yet. NAt will prevent any incoming connections (in theory) because the router will only forward frames that are sent through a connection that is initiated by the localhost, in this case you. But when you create a game in wc3, you connect to the bnet server and people join by querying that server, so that should not be a problem. (i have wc3, so you can take my word on it, unless the problem resides elsewhere). ANd in icq, it is a similar situation. Most basic internet needs will not have problems with nats. However, things such as web and ftp hosting will have problems, because the connection will be incoming from a remotehost, and since nats by design do not accept incoming connections, that would not work. FOr a webserver, you would have to use a second ip address.
  2. yesi tried to host a game..but my friends can't see my game..therefore they can't join too

    maybe is firewall then? but i never setup a firewall.
    under the internet connection....there is no firewall being setted up...

    i think it's port forwarding? i ahve no idea how to do we do that in winxp? or in router setting?
    and how do u do it? thx
  3. can anyone join your game, because if there is anyone in there besides just the creator (you) obviously the problem is on your friend's end. But i have not had any problems with wc3 and a nat. And no, i dont think you need to mess with port forwarding, although you could do that as your last resort. It will be under you router configuration, and you will have to set it up so that it forwards the wc3 port (i think the default is 5000, although if you have frozen throne you can change it.) to your ip address, although this will prevent anyone else on your network from playing wc3. But i think the problem can be solved with out that.
  4. how do i change the port and ip thing?
    coz in my router i dont see any port alike thing...

    also there are three pc in my house can play TFT ..we can invite each other..but can't invite other ppl on the net.
    so it must be firewall thing?

    anyway teach me how to change the port or ip thing thx!!
  5. can you play on If so, with what circumstnaces?
  6. yes i can play battlenet

    wat do u mean under wat circumstances?
    i am using adsl ....3 pc connect to switch..and switch connect to router...
    all three can online and get in battlenet together.

    just can't invite others or create games to let others to join...

    we can only invite ourself...
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