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Hi, I recently reinstalled my copy of windows 7 on my laptop. I saved all my files to an external hard drive so that I could reload them after I was finished. I forgot I had some folders locked to my user account so after the install I cannot view or transfer them back to my laptop because it recognizes my computer as a different account.

I tried to go into properties and give my current account full control but even though it has the check marks in all the property permission boxes I still cannot view them. All the locked folders and files have a green text to them indicating they are locked. Please help, I don't want to lose these files (step by step instructions to try would be the best, thanks!)
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  1. If the folder is protected against you then you won't be able to change permissions even if you're an administrator. The way to deal with this is to sign on using an administrative account and take ownership of the folder and it's files. Once you own them you'll be able to change their permissions to allow yourself access.
  2. Well it shows that each account has full access on every account on the computer when I click properties and I have changed the owner to my user account and then to my administrator account but neither will open them. I am confused about your reply too. You said it wont work with an administrator account but will work with a administrative account. That's pretty much the same word and I don't know what an administrative account is if its different than administrator. Sorry
  3. An administrative account can't change the protections if the access control list doesn't permit that - but it CAN change the owner, and once the owner has been changed to the administrative account you're using THEN it can go ahead and change the protections.

    Can you post a screenshot showing the protections?

    And when you took ownership and changed the permissions on the folder, did you tell it to include all files and subfolders?
  4. Okay so I think all the permissions are okay but the files are green because they are encrypted from my previous install of windows. I did not save the encryption certificate (Idiot mistake). Is there any way I can break/unlock this encryption?
  5. usually can't be recovered!
  6. If there was an easy way to break the encryption then it would be pretty pointless to bother encrypting them in the first place...
  7. Nevermind, I've read on a lot of sites that since I forgot to save the certificate I'm essentially screwed. I guess I won't encrypt files now, lol. seeing that I can't remember to save the certificates. Thanks anyways!
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