value ddr2 533 or 667 for c2d e6600?

i'm planning to build a c2d e6600 system, which is the best from 2 pieces of 1gb corsair valueselect ddr2 533 or the 667?

any support would be much appreciated. thanks in advance! :)
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  1. If you are going to overclock, then get DDR2 677.

    If not then just get DDR2 533.
  2. Someone posted this link here a few days ago. If you're going for 667, make sure it's 3-3-3-8, otherwise it's worse than 533.
  3. thanks for all the information. i'm not going to overclock it. using ddr400 rightnow and planning to upgrade to ddr2 step by step coz the mobo i will use is asrock 775dual-vsta.

    thanks for the link too big_cheese. it really helps. :)

    i guess the 533 is worthy.

    Above is a really useful link for that mobo and core 2 duo. I'm in the same boat, gonna buy a ASRock 775Dual-VSTA and an E6600, but I'm looking for RAM to upgrade from by current pitiful pc2100. Scroll down to the index for the whole article. also has some other good articles on that mobo.
  5. yeah i saw it too on :) hope the board doesn't get too hot quickly as the asrock p4i65gv does.
  6. Quote:
    the mobo i will use is asrock 775dual-vsta.

    If you - and anyone else - who's heading for ASROCK + C2D + DDR2, then try ASROCK ConRoeXFire mainboard (see specs at ASROCK's website); if you're going PCIe instead of AGP, this one's a better choice for a few more bucks.

  7. i choose asrock 775dual-vsta as my future board because i still want to use my x1600pro agp and 2gb ddr400 ram :p

    is there anyone out there who really try this mobo? want to know the result which is positive or not (beside the good review from
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