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Hi all!

I'm relativly new to all this homebuilt PC stuff but I've tried to do my research. According to the PS calculator I need at least 435w but want to go with at least 500w. I was wondering the difference between these two PSUs:

Antec SP-500W
NeoHE 500 500w

Obviously the HeoHE has a higher efficiency and 3 12v rails (which I don't think I will ever need) but both are modular (which I like) and the SP-500 has two fans which might keep it cooler (I have read some reviews that the NeoHE runs alittle hot)
Given these factors I am thinking of getting the SP-500 since its $40 less. I tried research and read the PSU 101 but I didn't ocme across anything that would warrent the extra $40 but I don't know much about PSUs. Is there any reason not to get the SP-500?

The new system will be a C2D e6300 on a Gigabyte DS3 with 2GB ram and a 7600GT (<- already have) - I'm not planning on doing SLI

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Of the two, I would choose the Antech NeoHE 500 because it is quieter and more efficient than the SmartPower (SP) 500.
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