How to Install a Hard Drive into a Compaq Presario SR1950NX?

I just bought this computer and was looking to install a second hard drive, but was unable to squeeze it into the available 3.5" bay, due to the CPU fan's size. I tried to take off the fan, but after undoing the screws, it wouldn't come off.

Is there a simpler way to install a second hard drive into this computer? There was a green plastic thing on top of the area, but I was unable to remove that, either.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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  1. If you go to HP's support site here:

    sets a check at Product Information enter SR1950NX in the "Enter a product number" field and hits the tiny grey button to the right of the field you will get a page with a link to how to install a harddisk in that model.
  2. How 'bout an external USB 2.0 HD? They're very cheap now.
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