2.66 GHZ processor = both cores runing at that speed?

i have a question that my local computer guy cant answer. i have a pentium D 2.66 GHZ is that the total speed of the processor or do both cores have 2.66 GHZ for a total speed of 4.32 GHZ. people on ebay advertise 7 GHZ processors and even say other stuff that i dont think is correct.

Note i am only 16 just built my awesome Pentium D computer for only $450 (pretty good gaming computer) and have been reading alot of stuff on this website for the past 3 weeks but any way if i say something stupid dont get mad as i am learning.
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  1. That's the total - 2.66GHz.

    eBay items might be claiming some weird overclocking thing, or are just stupid. 7GHz on a CPU is pretty insane.

    Your P4 2.66GHz is just that, 2.66GHz, not multiplied 2x for 5.32GHz.

    Corrected my bad math. LOL
  2. Quote:
    but any way if i say something stupid dont get mad as i am learning.

    2x2.66 is 5.32 :P :P

    Anyway NMDante is correct (as always). If you want to learn more about overclocking, there are many experts in the Overclocking section of this forum.
  3. Dual cores doesnt mean that you will get the combined processing power of both cores.
  4. lol yeah my math isnt great thanks for answering that old question.

    ive already overclocked i can get it to 3.2 GHZ with no temperature difference.
  5. Both cores run at 2.66GHz, but the end result does NOT give you 4.32GHz of processing power because both CPUs can't work on one thread at the same time. Also, some of that power is lost because of the inefficiencies of Intel's dual-core design.
  6. I'd also be wary of what people claim on ebay. Even if they do run at the speed they claim, they're probably not stable.
  7. ill never buy computer parts on ebay. Reason i look on ebay tho is i am thinking about building high end gaming computers to sell on ebay to make some good profit.
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