NEED ANSWER QUICK, ORDERING NOW--best dvd rom for dvd extrat

what is the best dvd rom to get for dvd extraction. i would like something that has a cd-r/rw capabilities too, but its not a must.

i am really hoping someone knows of a benchmark or something, all the reviews I have seen were for old drives that i can't find on newegg, i'm making my order now and i want to add this to it.

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  1. Why not a DVD writer??? Spending a little more would get you a nice DVD writer.. Benq/sony offer good drives.. PLextor as well
  2. too late now, but i have a plextor dvd writer, i want a rom so I am not using my $100 burner all the time.

    thanks anyways//but if anyone has a suggestion i could sure use it on my next order please
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