NVraid not working showing up as 2 drives.

I have a little DAW workstation I put together. It has a GA K8ns 939 ultra motherboard (nforce 3 250gb). Operton 165, OCZ pc4000 2gb ram, Matrox 550 dual dvi, TC powercore, MOTU 828mkII, Enermax noisetaker 465ve. 2x80gb seagate barracudas on the SiI controller 2x250gb barrracudas on the Nvraid controller. I have the os's on the SiI controller, one partition for Xp 64, one partition for Win 2k SP4. I had this running perfectly for a while then hosed the hosed the install of XP64, ended up reinstalling the whole system.( I was going to do that anyway when I went to dual core)
Anyway, now the old NVraid 1 array doesnt show up as an array anymore but as 2 drives. Well actually 4 drives since it was partitioned into two drives earlier. This problem is in both Xp 64 and win2k. I have gone up and down the bios and it still comes up wrong in windows. Any ideas?
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  1. I suppose I should also mention that in the boot sequence it shows up as a healthy mirror for both the SiI and the NvRaid controllers. But only the SiI raid is recognized as a mirror by both windows installs.
  2. My guess is haven't loaded the proper RAID drivers for the NVIDA controller when you reinstalled Windows.

    What do you see when you load the Nividia Media Sheild application which lets you manage your RAID arrays from within windows?

    It should be under Nvidia Corporation in your start menu, if it isn't then you definately forgot to install something.
  3. Actually its not media shield on mine its some other thing called Nvidia NVraid raid manager. Did the gigabyte site give me the wrong thing?
  4. I honesly don't know.

    I haven't had to do a clean install since I first setup my RAID 1 array.

    But I do remember after enabling NVidia RAID in the CMOS setup and pressing F whatever to create the array, the array wasn't recognized until I reinstalled with the latest AMD NF4 chipset drivers.

    I don't know if it was the reinstall or the newer drivers or both that did the trick.

    But with the POST screen showing a healthy array and XP seeing two seperate hard drives sounds like a driver issue to me, and upgrading to the lasted NVidia RAID drvivers would be a good first step.
  5. wow the nvidia site blows. very difficult to locate drivers. I couldnt find a discrete sata raid driver so I just got the latest unified driver, its several versions later than what gigabyte offers, so I downloaded the whole 30gb and transferred it to my daw. uninstalled the individual drives in device manager, ran the unified driver and unchecked everything else except IDE driver (I know its sata...) finished the install, rebooted, PRESTO! one array with 2 partitions. Now myDAW is back up to speed. If only I could get my 64 bit MOTU drivers to work....
  6. Windows XP 64 bit is a joke.

    No one bothers to write any drivers because no one uses it and no one uses it because there aren't any drivers.

    Microsoft killed Windows XP 64 bit Edition when they chose to break compatiblity with 32 bit device drivers.
  7. yeah, a mac pro is looking better every day.
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