quick ? about skt 940 hsf

will the stock HSF from a socket 940 opty fit on a 939 mobo? I have a 3700 and a ECS kn1 sli mobo

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  1. Yes. Socket 939 and socket 940 use the same type of heatsinks. I've actually got a pair of socket 939 heatsinks on my dual 940 opty's right now, and I'm certain the reverse would work just fine.
  2. thanks, I thought it would work after looking at the pic, but I just wanted to be sure.

    can anyone else confirm this? what I found is the stock AMD cooler from a dual core 940 opteron, so its the good copper one w/heatpipes. I just want to be 100% before I pull the trigger :wink:
  3. just to let everyone know, I went ahead and bought this hsf and just got it installed today, it fits and works like a dream! It droped load temps by 7 deg C and the as5 isn't even broken in yet...but I'll probably end up reseating it tho cause I think I used too much as5 :oops: that tiny damn syringe is tricky :roll:

    best part is it was $13 shipped from ebay (never been used, still had teh amd thermal goo), try and get any other copper heatpipe cooler for that price :wink:
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