P5B startup issue (hearing the 'one beep' sound)

hi i just built me a new system.

cpu- e6400 conroe
hdd- seagate 350gb
mem- 2x corsair 1gb sticks (only able to boot with one in there though..)
gpu- 7900gt
psu- ocz 600w

i start it up and get the 'one beep' sound. then during startup i see my cd rom and dvd rom drives displayed in green with a 4 digit code next to them. i then have the option to either push a button or just wait and have it continue on its own. then i get taken to a screen that says:

" Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key."

it also doesnt wanna boot up if i have both of my ram sticks in there. the pc will start just not do anything. i inserted one at a time to test if they are good and they are. i tried contacting asus but figure ill try in other spots till i get a responce. im upgraded as far as BIOS goes so any info would be appreciated thanks.
oh yea this is my first time installing an hdd with sata but im pretty sure i got everything in the right spot
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  1. well having both ram sticks in there works now.

    as far as booting goes, its still giving me that device issue. i changed the priorities around and it still wont work
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