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Hey all,
I'm trying to gather data on what the best 18" or 19" flat panel displays are. I know there are really high end ones out there but I am most interested in midrange. I would appreciate any ideas and reasons why. Thanks...

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  1. Well what exactly will you be using it for?

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  2. samsung and viewsonic are good, make sure your lcd have a R.T. of less then 25ms
  3. Eizo make great LCDs. You can check out the 18 and 19 inch model on their web site.
  4. They do have great LCD's, but not so great once u get into thge larger ones, because often the response times are high, etc.

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  5. i guess you could go with Viewsonic VG181 or VG191.... they have other Models..that are more expensive.. go on there website and check it out..

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  6. Best 19" I have seen is the Samsung 191T. I place it a little above the Viewsonic one because of the thin bezel, but specs are identical as far as I know. Now don't think I'm cheering for Samsung here, but the 181T from them is clearly better than the VG181 from the specs. Haven't seen the Samsung one in person, so I can't say from experience. But the specs would make it seem the Samsung is the better choice. However, I have seen the VG181 in stores, and have to say I liked what I saw. I'm getting a 19" myself in the near future, and so far to me the Samsung one is looking like the best choice.

    EDIT: I was comparing the VG191 with the 191T and the VG181 with the 181T. I haven't looked closely at other companies regarding 18"/19" because right now these are the best bang for the buck I can find with good specs. Anyway, thought I should throw that in.

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  7. i think im gonna go with the 170T unless there is a new Sleak Looking Monitor thats Better in quality and 18" and not to bad in price....but for the quality and the looks and price the Samsung 170T is probly one of the best 17" monitors out

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  8. i got the 170T and i like mine... its real good, i vouch for it
  9. I have an Eizo L675 at office. It is great. I did not have problem with the response time.
  10. play any games on it?

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  11. hi
    Buddwn has said that he finds the vg191 very good at UT and Q3.
    Has anyone seen how it is with text? And how well it scales other resolutions?
    BTW is there any difference in the quality of the scaling process between different lcd monitors?
  12. We are not allow to install games on office PC but DVD is very good on the LCD.
  13. Text is never the problem, in fact, text/font is always the strong point about lcd panel compare to crt! anything except the crappest of lcd will still be much better then most crt in term of sharpness/comfort looking at text!

    scaling is fine with Vg191, but like all other lcd, native resolution is where you want to be at! except for some game where you don't have a choice!
  14. Games scaling is really bad at all though.... It's text that's annoying.

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  15. but with text! there is no reason or need to do anything but native resolution, !
  16. Precisly.

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