Print to Tape Option Choppy in Premiere 6

When using the "print to tape" option in Premiere 6.0 I get a choppy output to my miniDV camcorder. I have enough ram 1 gig, and my hard drives are Ultra ATA100 7200 rpm. The settings of the captured clips, work area, and output are identical. Does anyone know how to get the Print to tape option in premiere to work?
Thanks for your input.
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  1. I haven't used Premiere 6.0 but with 5.1C you just hit the enter key and Premiere will render all that is necessary and start output to tape. I am sure it is the same in 6.0. Try that instead of the print to tape option.
  2. Have you downloaded the 6.01 update
  3. I haven't downloaded the update because I can't find it for anything but Mac's. Is there an update for PC's?
  4. I tried using the "return-key" approach and the same was the result. It is a something to do with the communication between Premiere and the DV camcorder because even when there is no picture coming through the firewire cable (the signal (black screen) has large flashing white pixels on the camcorder screen. Any ideas??
  5. Get the directx digital video update from micosoft helps alot.
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