Conroe heatsink/fan not seating correctly, cpu running hot

Having a few problems with the core 2 duo E6600 system I've just built.
I don't think the cpu cooler is seated correctly, as my overclocking utility shows the cpu to be at 64 degrees C, and the heatsink is slightly loose to touch. Any advice, similar problems?
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  1. If you're using the stock cooler, pull the motherboard out and push down on the mounting pins for the heatsink until you hear a little click and see the little black pin protruding from the bottom of the bottom of the motherboard. If you don't hear the click and don't see the pin when looking at the board edge on, it's not in right.

    This is the one problem I have with the LGA775 platform. The stock heatsinks are slightly difficult to mount properly.
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