I need some help pweez =(

Sup all... I just built a new computer, here are the specs:
asus p5n32sli-se deluxe
core 2 duo E6600
2 gb corsair ddr2 800
evga 7900 GT KO 256 mb
NEC cd/dvd/rw
hyundai L90D+ 19" LCD
wd 250 gb drive

Well almost everything is running just fine... I installed all the drivers for the mobo, audio, video card, etc, but when I'm at the loading screen for windows xp pro, my screen just becomes really blurry and it seems like theres static and whatnot, but then a few seconds later it loads up to the desktop and everything is fine.... Oh, and ive been having problems playing BF2 (it crashes right after it loads a map) if that correlates with anything...

on a positive note: i've ran several benchmarks and they all work fine, my score for 3dmark05 was 9400
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  1. Make sure your PSU doesn't suck.

  2. What abt the Drivers? This seems like a graphics card driver issue.
  3. ::UPDATE::

    Battlefield 2 is working just fine as of now... i have it at 1280x1024 with everything maxed including AA and AF and the FPS isnt going under 95...

    I'v got an Antec TruePowerIII 550W 'sli ready' PSU
  4. anybody else think they know what it is?

    do i need a new PSU or something?
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