Lenovo Thinkpad-new Core Duo processors

At my company, we use Lenovo/IBM computers. I use sysprep and Ghost to create images for our systems. We just received our first batch of Thinkpad X60's with Core Duo processors and I have been doing testing to see if I will be able to adapt our current Thinkpad image to work with the new processor. I got the image to load on the system and I added all the drivers, including the latest chipset driver.

The one problem I see is that Task Manager only shows one processor. Device manager shows both processor's and the factory image that came on the system shows two processors in Task Manager but not on my image. Does anyone know of any tweaks that will enable Task Manager to see both proc cores? I assume if Task Manager is only showing one proc then both cores will not be utilized. I could be wrong about that though. I have seen references to the Hotfix from MS but that does not look like it addresses this issue. Any input would be appreciated.

Note-The image is XP Pro with sp2 and all current patches.
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