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Hi, i acquired a motherboard and some memory. The mobo has 3 dimm slots 2 next to each other and one on its own (about an inch to the right). The system will only boot when the memory is in the slot on its own. Is this normal? Cos i was thinking of getting another stick to run dual channel, but if it means the other two slots are broke then i wont bother.

Cheers guys.
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  1. What kind of board is it? That 2 and 1 arrangement was common on the nForce2 boards... What kind of memory and processor are you using?
  2. Its an abit NF7 v2.0 motherboard with an athlon xp 2200+(tbred). Im pretty sure it has an nforce2 chipset.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Well you may be allright then... I have that board as well and they recommend you install memory from the outside (DIMM3) which is the single DIMM slot, inward to DIMM2 then DIMM1.
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