e6600 coretemp vs P5W DH Deluxe

I found that coretemp report 15~20C higher than CPU temperature reported by P5W DH Deluxe on my rig. Coretemp idle at 40C, load at 57~60C (2.9GHz, 320FSB), while P5W reports 27C idle and as high as 41C under Orthos (Prime95). I'm using Thermaltake tower112 +AS5.

Many others report only about 12C delta between coretemp and P5w. Does it mean I need to re-apply AS5? The tower112 is difficult to install so I try to avoid unless necessary. How do you think?
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  1. Re-applied AS5, now delta between coretemp and P5W is no more than 15C, 12C average.
  2. seems about right
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