Asus 6800GT burned x2

Hi ppl

my 6800GT agp broke and i had it at Asus for 2 months and finaly got a new one coz with the old one i started to get snowfling more and more all over the screen and finaly it got totaly fucked. I had the new card in my AMD 2000+ for a couple of weeks with no problems. Now today i got a new mobo and an amd x2 4600+ put it all together and installed all programs, then i thought i play some World of warcraft, but when waiting in que to get on a server screen froze and i got some dots on screen and at restart it froze on bios loadscreen. I touched the card and it was damm hot, last time when it broke it wasnt hot though. well now wtf is wrong why i keep burning cards ??? i dont OC or anything is it the new gfx drivers that i dont have on my amd 2000+ that does it or can i have some windowsversion that tweaks gfx or what ? im totaly clueless!

I will let it cool off and try it again, i bet its fucked though.

Btw I used the newest nvidia drivers that was at that point when both cards burned.

ehh HELP! :D <3 my english
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  1. the gfx has 2 4-pin powerconnectors on the back, could it be the PSU that burns it ?
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